Garden Diary - June 2016

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A Garden Visit
Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Off to visit a garden with the Tohickon Garden Club. It's what we do in the month of June. Today it is the Old Hooker Estate with the current owner, Robert Hanley, showing us around.

We gather at the massive barn, together with our host (on left, in white fedora.)

There are several garden "rooms" deliniated with stone walls or rustic fences.

Decorative embellishments complement the plantings.


Robert Hanley ponders a question.

Silver-green lamb's ears spill out into the gravel path.

A field cedar arbor frames the inviting view
across fields and to the distant trees.

A weathered little statue and clump of (if I'm right) Salvia 'Purple Rain'.

Buhhda sits, a bubble filled sphere in hand.

Composition in Blue. Sky. Water. Umbrella.

So dry that as we walk across the lawn our footsteps leave tracks in the turf.

A pleasant visit. Some perennials in flower, roses in bloom. Early shrubs such as lilacs are over, while late hydrangeas not yet performing. Subtle color themes of red and purple foliage - some intense, others softer, and green foliage as a modifier. Another section with a yellow theme. Orchids enjoying a summer vaction as they are suspended from a shady brach under a tree. As i said, a pleasant garden to visit and one that would repay other visits at other seasons. Some cookies, cold lemonade or tea, and homeward bound we go.

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