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Saturday, 21 February
Who Visits BelleWood Gardens?

Who visits? There are virtual visitors such as yourself, who come for a reason or for from curiosity. Someone might be searching for a method to cage their blueberry bushes to keep the fruit safe from birds who otherwise would eat the berries (that's a popular entry.) Or were you looking for a picture of - a flower, a garden, a mushroom and found it in one of my entries. Every now and then I find it interesting to take a look at my stats and learn who came from where to look at what. This gives me a good general idea but security concerns mean more precise information is often unavailable as search terms are often blocked. I may be able to learn that BelleWood Gardens was number 6 on a Google search but cannot see what was used for the search term(s.)

Numerous images show up on Pinterest, are re-pinned, and become wide-spread. Do any of those people make a virtual visit, or do they just click on the pinterest board? No idea. Facebook sent 44 virtual visitors to look at Holland in tulip time.

Here are a few of the hits from yesterday and today that caught my attention. Numerous from the United States, as you might expect. The sawbuck entry is always popular, 19 visitors in the last few days. UsA, Canada, Bath, Bath and Northeast Somerset, UK; St. Albans, Hertford, UK; and Adelaide, South Australia were among the visitors who checked it out. Someone in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in India looked at the tree cutting entry.

A virtual visitor from Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia wanted to know about banana leaf cooking while someone from Frankfurt m Main, Hessen, Germany checked out the entry about snow on my outdoor banana. Or maybe it was the entry abouy winterizing my banana.

It's that time of year - someone in Burlington, Vermont was looking at making maple syrup. Not right now, not this year. The days have been rather overcast and the weather quite cold, what with daytime highs in the teens and 20s Fahrenheit, nights in the single digits, even dipping below zero Fahrenheit. Sap is not rising.

Appropriately enough someone is Beijing, China took a look at last month's entry about January Snow. Hope they enjoyed it.

Livestock attracted several virtual visitor. One from Dublin, Ireland read about cows outside (grass fed Kerry cattle and raw milk cheeses), someone from Switzerland and someone else from southern Finland both made a virtual visit to the 4-H fair entry about cows and horses. And someone in Harare, Mashonaland East in Zimbabwe looked at the backyard chickens entry.

Some intrigue me - from Cardiff UK to look at the Bonnefont Cloister in New York City. And that someone in Cothen, Utecht, The Netherlands should be (virtually) visiting the Palais Het Loo here at BelleWood Gardens. Perhaps it will encourage them to make an actual visit. Or someone from tropical Trinidad and Tobago came here for the orchid show of a few years past, at the New York Botanical Garden. (Press preview for this year's show next Thursday. Cross my fingers that the weather will allow me to attend.)

And then there are actual visitors.

Do you think she wants coffee to go with the salad bar? My brother suggested that perhaps her Internet connection was down and she wanted to check e-mail.

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