Garden Diary - May 2014

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Monday, 5 May 2014
Summer and Strawberries

Who needs cold storage apples harvested last fall, or peaches shipped up from south of the equator, with more frequent flyer miles than have I!

The phone rang. I answered. "Do you want any strawberries?" said Dick. "Oh yes! I'll be right over. Two quarts please."

And this is what I got.

After I paid him he suggested I go up to the orchard with Michael
and see how good things looked. Not even a month ago the plants
were just in bloom and look at them now - loaded with lovely fruit.

The straw helps keep the fruit clean and dry, which protects it from mildew.
Soft fruits such as berries are especially susceptible to damage in wet weather.

Michael gently spread apart the center of the row to show me the berries
clustered in the middle. These are actually even better - no risk of sunscald.

Some to eat and some to keep. Quick rinse in a colander

then promptly dry, hull, and freeze on a tray. When solid, pour into
a sturdy plastic bag (2 cups per bag works for me.) Suck out the air,
and back into the freezer. IFF - Individually Flash Frozen - for later use.
But right now I enjoy some fresh local strawberries at any time of day!

UPDATE: Friday, 13 June 2014 I've bought more quarts of strawberries. Have made strawberry coulis to enjoy over vanilla ice cream or pound cake. Limeade strawberry concentrate, two frozen ice cubes with water or seltzer for a delightful summer beverage. Luscious chocolate dipped strawberries to embellish either chocolate or butterscotch summer pudding that we like in summer. And fresh, with yogurt. I need to get some more, before their season is over.

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