Garden Diary - January 2014

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Knit On Wednesday

It's a foggy day. No matter. It's Wednesday and we'll gather at The Bridge Cafe to stitch. Might knit, could crochet, whatever. If it's yarn, it works. Seven years now, we've gathered together. Sometimes more of us, occasionally just a few. Today is a good turnout because we're having our annual luncheon.

But first, we'll knit.

It starts with yarn.

Next comes casting on.

And from the simple beginning of yarn and needles come beautiful things.

Joanne knit the lovely vest she's wearing. Its beauty comes from the simple, yet elegant patterning of the stitches.

Shirley is wearing a mobius scarf that she made. She's thinking about the hat she'll knit for her husband (now that the women and grandchildren in the family have received theirs.)

The stunning tomato red sweater that Carol's wearing is very much hers. Not only did she knit it (from sock yarn, no less, retrieved from the magically multiplying stash in her basement) she designed it.

And you thought argyle socks were complicated. Carol Ann started this tumbling blocks afghan months ago, back in March of last year. She must have used about a gazillion bobbins, to carry the colors back and forth as needed.

Beautiful geometry.

At noon we move from the front of the cafe to the back restaurant, for lunch. What shall we each choose to eat? Maybe I have the ever popular spinach cakes . . . . one of the specials perhaps, the spinach mushroom pie in a polenta crust. Whatever we choose, it's sure to be delicious.

Orders places, there's more knitting to admire while we wait. Joan model' the split back hat she knit from a pattern Carol Ann shared around after we all admired the one she had made. Lunch and friendship and conversation, and the time flies by.

Off we go, leaving Ken, co-owner and chef, with a chance to sit. But we'll be back. Next Wednesday, when the knitters will gather, again, at The Bridge Cafe.

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