Garden Diary - February 2013

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Thursday, 28 February 2013
Orchids at the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Show

There was an issue with the zoom lens for my camera. For today's visit to the orchid show I was using my 60mm macro. Interesting,
the different perspective it gave me, both with scenics and especially with orchid portraits. The other entry for you to enjoy is here.

. . . .

It ended with the jade vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys. Not an orchid. Neither is Cavendishia grandifolia. Both are exotic, and grow where orchids are native.

. . . .

Same with bromeliads, such as these two Aechmea, A. 'Blue Tango' on the right. Bromeliads give us
the delicious pineapple. The orchid family provides us with vanilla. Those little black speckles are seeds.

Orchids swoop and dip from an overhead arbor made from branches reclaimed from the many trees uprooted in last
October's superstorm. Spanish moss (actually a bromeliad) festoons them, like an enchanted mist rolling through the jungle.

There's so much to see that our guides kept us moving smartly along. I didn't get the names of many of the orchids.
No matter. They know who they are, and I know that they are, all of them, beautiful. Just above, that's a moth orchid,
Phalaenopsis. Attractive, deservedly popular and easy for the novice. The Shop in the Garden has orchids for sale.

. . . .

Lady slipper orchids. Big feet. No pointy toes. Paphiopedilum on the left and - not sure - another lady slipper on the right.

. . . .

Spidery looking orchids. Speckled-y orchids

. . . .

Speckled purple orchid. (Looks sort of like a tiny penguin's head peering out.) And a snow white orchid with purple flushed labellum.

An allée of palm trees march down the exhibition wing, pacing along the wide walkway.
And orchids, everywhere orchids, diverse in colors and shapes to enchant and bemuse.

If you want to come see for yourself (as I hope I've encouraged you to do) the orchid show is open from March 2 through April 21.
You can even order your tickets on-line. You can take the train with an easy MetroNorth station just across the street, or drive.

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