Garden Diary - December 2013

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Tuesday, 28 December 2013
New Beginnings

Edging up on New Year's Eve, not Easter. Even though every day is another day closer to Spring we're still months and months away. But there are new beginnings over at my friends Bea and Jerry's place. Their sheep are lambing. As you can see, looking at the record book

The first one was born about 3 weeks ago, on December 6th.

They're very sweet.

Jerry has four pens set up in the barn. As a ewe lambs, she and her offspring are confined together for about a week. This ensures that, away from the flock, they'll bond. And, as you can see, it works very well. When they're turned out with the flock again, each lamb knows which ewe to run up to when it is hungry. Run to the wrong ewe and she'd butt it away.

Most of the dozen and a half ewes are cross bred with Hampshires. They're very suspicious of strangers. This group are giving us the once over, suspiciously wondering, "Who are you?" After all, these are not hand-raised, hand-fed pets.

Here's their daddy, a Dorset ram. The lambs are vigorous and grow quickly.

This little lamb is only a couple of days old. Jerry brought him out of the pen for me to cuddle. He was bleating, mother was baa-ing, and we quickly put them back together. Clearly they've bonded quite nicely. Soon enough the two of them will be turned back with the flock.


And quickly enough the lamb will grow from a small armful into one of the youngsters, like this one, running and gamboling together. New beginnings in the year's end.

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