Garden Diary - November 2011

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Friday, 25 November 2011
A Visit to Tassot Apiaries

A message arrive from Tassot Apiaries. Not Black, but rather Green Friday shopping, and for the holiday weekend. On November 25th, 26th, and 27th their Buzzing Acres Farm would be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with an assortment of products from their livestock. (Do bees count as livestock? I'm not sure. Alpacas and chickens certainly do.)

Bees, of course, are first up. I bought a two pound jar

of honey as it's almost time to bake lebkuchen.

As well, the shelves in the storeroom are lined with a diverse array of pure beeswax candles to choose

from votives to pillar to a wide selection of gift candle such as bee hives and jumbo pine cones.

Such a beautiful sunny day enticed me outdoors. Having been here before I wanted to see the alpacas,
their fleece regrown after the summer shearing, and the young chicks now grown up into laying hens.

A diversity of chickens: auracana with their cheek tufts of feathers, marans looking like a
more subtly marked Barred Plymouth Rock, and others. Their fresh eggs will be available in
a limited quantity while supplies last. Of course I bought a dozen, and we had eggs for lunch.

The alpacas came running over to us, looking for their treats in the bucket Jean-Claude was carrying.
A couple came right up to me, sniffing gently at my face. They have the most elegant eyelashes and large
expressive, dark eyes plus a frou-frou topknot. Colors range from black to dark brown, honey tan to white.

Jean-Claude shares an affectionate moment with one of their alpacas.

The announcement suggests that children will love to watch the alpacas, and feed them too.
(Grownups like them too!) Plus, they still have a few pounds of their soft raw fibers for sale).

A complimentary cup of hot cider, and but of course - locally sourced. A pleasant hour visiting with
Jean-Claude and Beatrice, a flock of clucking hens, elegant alpacas. Homeward bound with eggs and
honey and memories. If Milford, New Jersey is not in your travel pattern, if you just had to queue
to buy an Xbox but now want some honey or candles or . . . . not eggs, but you can order on-line at
Tassot Apiaries with shipping to all 50 states via UPS.

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