Garden Diary - May 2011

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Friday, 13 May 2011
Linden Hill Gardens and Ottsville Farmers Market

I'd gotten a reminder that Linden Hill Gardens would have their May through October farmer's market opening on Friday. Interested, I asked Joan for travel directions as getting there from here with various Pennsylvania bridges out can be rather interesting. Asked Paul if he cared to join me. And off we set. Of course, since "garden" was involved we needed to arrive a little early for a look / see . . . .

The demonstration deer-resistant garden looked quite good with burnt orange heuchera foliage, and
golden leaved perennials and shrubs brightening the overcast day while serving as foil for the flowers.

Golden creeping Jenny, Lysmachia nummularia 'Aurea' makes a marvellous foil for
forget-me-not's dainty blue flowers and the rich purple spires of Salvia superba.

Bright golden leaves of Tradescantia ×andersoniana 'Sweet Kate' make quite a contrast for the purple
flowers. There's another cultivar named 'Blue and Gold' which is either a synonym for the same plant or
another so close in appearance that they cannot be told apart. Best in sunshine, in cooler weather, and
may be cut back when looking tired for refreshed, regrown foliage for the remaining growing season.


It was, however, the farmer's market that was the impetus for today's visit.

Beautiful, nay, magnificent asparagus as long as my forearm from fingertip to elbow.

Twelve spears weighed a pound. At $4 / pound you might think they were expensive. However they
were edible from tip to end, and 3 spears were enough for each serving. I did peel the lower portion
and prepared with a Japanese style rolling cut. Brief sauté, lightly steam, a squeeze of lemon. Delicious!

Mainly Mushrooms had cultivated and foraged mushrooms, including wild gathered morels.

If I had a dog I'd certainly buy some treats. However, we have three cats. No puppies.
At the Gourmet Puppy booth, chef-hat clad Argus looks a little sad at my explanation.

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