Garden Diary - November 2010

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Friday, 5 November 2010
Why Do You Suppose

that there is a plastic colander upside down on the flower pot? Well, it's like this.
Every fall when the killing frosts arrive I move big pots of cannas into the garage
where they'll remain for the winter. I also shove pots of other frost-tender plants
in there, where they'll sit until I get them moved into the greenhouse. I picked up
a pot of fancy leaved geraniums and it made noises at me! And then the dirt
moved under my hand. Now you have to admit that that's rather scary, don't you?

It was a toad, a plump, golden eyed toad who apparently figured my garage would be a good place
to spend the winter. I beg to differ. If it warmed up and toad hopped out of the pot and I was moving
my car . . . . not a pleasant thought. I called my vet who suggested a terrarium - no, don't think so.
Then she suggested a wildlife rescue center. I called. They do mammals. Were kind enough to check
with a herpetologist who said it wasn't too late to put toad outdoors and allow it to burrow below
the frost line. So I took toad out to where I'd cut back the bananas and covered them for winter.
It is an area next to the house foundation so some warmth does seep through from the basement.
Put him / her under a goodly pile of leaves and, with wishes for a pleasant winter nap, left toad to it
while I went back to moving potted plants that need my assistance (and that of a hand truck)
to manage their relocation for winter dormancy. It's always interesting here at BelleWood Gardens.

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