Garden Diary - November 2010

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010
Behind the Scenes at the Holiday Train Show

As I mentioned here it takes a week of concentrated effort to set up the towering bridges, 140 buildings, dozen trains, half mile of track, and, oh yes - do all the landscaping. There are gentle swales, small hills, water features, and lots and lots of plants. Green plants with stunning foliage effects, luscious flowering plants in brilliant bloom. As well, each structure and building has its own identifying label.

There is what I would reverently refer to as "The Book." Each page has a full color picture of
an individual building complete with label. Some include a vignette of the landscaping in a prior year.
And there are nicely made labels ready set go, to be matched up from photo to building in the display.


Annette is busy with her checklist, making impeccable notes
as she counts off each and every house, museum, and terminal.

Today is the press preview, prior to the Saturday opening. As well as
print and e-media the television crews are here, filming their sound bites.
Brian Busse gives an interview. Applied Imagination is a family enterprise:
there's Paul Busse, his son Brian. Brian has three children who adore time
in the workshop creating with the plant pieces that build and embellish
the structures. As well, there's a cousin, whose son is also fascinated with the
whimsy & magic. That makes three generations applying their imagination for us to enjoy.

And meanwhile, others on the crew make sure that the trains are right on track and ready to roll.

To give you another look behind the scenes, here is a brief Youtube of setting up the holiday train show.
But what's really the best is when you come and see it for yourself. Tickets may be purchased on-line.
It's a wonderful event for young and old, everyone who enjoys some magic in the holiday season.

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