Iris Fancies

Bearded iris often have standards and falls of the same color,
as this stunning, near-to-black 'Anvil of Darkness'.

Or, the standards and falls may be of different colors.
Generally, the falls are darker, as with 'Mastery', seen above,
and 'Supreme Sultan' below.

'Competitive Edge' appears to reverse that, with darker standards
and paler falls. But notice the matching copper colored edge to the
pale violet falls. This striking iris cultivar is 'Competitive Edge'.

Picotee is the term given to flowers where the falls
are white or another pale color, bordered with a edging
that matches the standards, as here, on 'Jesse's Song'.

'Queen in Calico' has cream for the ground color on the falls,
dotted and penciled with mauve. A magical combination that is
enhanced with a very ruffled edge. Somehow it seems Victorian to me . . .

And this one looks sort of hippy, sort of tie-died, don't you agree?
Pale pink with a wash of violet splattered onto 'Raspberry Silk'.

'Thornbird' is unusual, not just for its clotted cream color
washed with mauve. Look at the rightmost fall. See the extra piece
like another small petal, growing out of the bee guide. Strange.
But I like it. So not just a rainbow of colors, but unique variations too.

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