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A Week on North Carolina's Crystal Coast

Sand, Surf, and Shorebirds

Across the dunes there's the ocean rumbling onto the sandy beach.

What a wonderful way to start the day.

There are all sorts of shorebirds: sandpipers and sanderlings and plovers.

and pelicans

There were gulls on the wing

and mixed lots of shore birds strolling on the strand

Photograph Credit Wm. P. Woodall 2007. All rights reserved.

And twice we drove, not more than 5 minutes from the condo, just before dusk

and watched snowy egrets returning home to their rookery for the night.

On a reconnaissance trip looking for muscadine grapes we found

a flock of cattle egrets in a cut-over corn field.

And once we spotted, perched up in a snag,

a white ibis, recognizable with its great, curved bill.

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