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This Week 2017

NOTICE: Thursday, 17 August - The hard drive on my PC went non compos mentis. Efforts to revive it failed. It was replaced with a Mensa-ready upgrade to a solid state drive. Now trying to catch up with things before leaving for a week's vacation. Come back in late August, when This Week will once more get back on schedule.

July 30 - August 5

I hear cicadas in the daytime, katydids at night. A buck in velvet was on the slope behind the house early one morning. Goldenrod coming into flower in roadside meadows. Intimations that summer is edging over the crest and starting to wane.

I change our bed sheets on Monday. Many of my friends do the same. Tradition?

Lovely when I can hang them outside to dry. In our Brookfield summers Katzy used to spread the sheets on the lawn to dry. Which would also whiten / bleach them.

Local corn is deliciously available. First it was bicolor, now white.

Corn with chanterelles. Quite nice.

Saturday the Watnong chapter of the rock garden society had its summer picnic
at the Cross Estate Gardens. Good time had by all.

The chapter provides entree and sides, members bring
appetizers and desserts for petit dejeuner sur l'herbe.


I brought buttercrust pound cake, served either with lightly poached peaches or sour cherries.

And so went our week.

July 23 - 29

Tremendous rain Sunday night, torrential before settling down to "merely" steady rain. On Monday morning the run-off channel was flowing (which it does just a few times a year, when there's this kind of heavy precipitation.)

Monday, I went and got my hair cut. It's been long for a few years, now time for a change.

Wednesday was garden club - making bird houses from gourds. Not interested. Took pictures instead. After the meeting there was a board meeting, reviewing the plant sale we organize each year at the art festival. It was my first opportunity to use the bento box I got for my birthday. And since the fire station social hall has electrical outlets (well, duh!) I brought my Magic Bullet and made a mango lassi to go with lunch.

Here's a link to the entry on my web site, if you're interested: Gourd Bird Houses

Thursday I drove to the South Mountain Reservation in Millburn, NJ to take a walk on their fairy house trail. Fun.

Here's a link to the entry on my web site, if you're interested: Fairy House Trail

There's something else beside my bananas that thrives on hot humid weather. Deliciously edible chanterelle mushrooms are popping up in our woods, enough that I'll saute and then freeze some. Yummy!

And so went our week.

July 16 - 22

The weather continues tropical, not to say torrid. Temperatures in the high 80s / low 90s Fahrenheit, humid too. And rain. There's 1.25 inches in the rain gauge from last night's precipitation. As you can see from the picture my bananas are loving it.

Donut peaches (the cultivar is 'Saturn') are available at the local orchard. Paul's favorite. The early yellow peaches have been in for a while but they are cling stone. Good for eating, but I prefer free stone for preserving. Told Mike I want a half basket of seconds for that. The first cultivar, 'Red Haven', will be available end of the week. Later I'll get white fleshed peaches (cultivar might be 'Belle of Georgia', or is it 'Snow Queen') for peaches in a lavender infused syrup.

I remember when I was a little girl in Chicago my mother used to can a bushel of peaches and a bushel of pears. No idea where she bought them. Do remember that once she put some up with apple brandy in the syrup. The liquor had a really bad taste. The nasty flavor went into the fruit, but the syrup was like a delicious peach brandy. She said that dinner guests would say "I'm really full, couldn't eat another piece of fruit. But may I please have some more of the syrup."

Saturday was a garden expo at the North County branch library. Given the weather it was fortunately an indoor event. Various displays and presenters about orchids, cacti and succulents, native plants vs invasive plants, honeybees, butterflies, county parks, basketry. Pleasant.

And so went our week.

July 9 - 15

It's been hot. Humid. Rain. The 7:00 p.m. rabbits regularly come by to nibble on the lawn.

Early peaches are available at the local orchard. And sour cherries, for preserves: brandied cherries, sour cherries with red wine jam, sour cherry berry red wine jelly.

Last week some of my stitch sisters from the Wednesday morning knitting group at the Bridge Cafe had lunch to help me celebrate my birthday.

Paul's computer club meeting on Saturday. I joined him, and crocheted while they have their meeting. Then lunch at Viva Mexico.

Someone was to come on Friday to clean the chimney for the wood burning stove. So of course it rained. Which is why he came on Saturday afternoon.

And so went our week.

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